What do we expect from the our president

What do we expect from the future president

Dr. Nader Nada

Before I start answering that question I should mention the following important facts

1) The Egyptian and other Arabic revolutions in the region are not born by accident, they are natural consequences of over 50 years of dictatorship, brutal, unjust and corrupted systems which intentionally supported by the western powers to suppress, control, and up use the whole Arabic region wealth and resources and for obvious political and economical agenda.

2) All kind of experts agreed that Egypt could play a very vital role in the future of the Middle East in case it has political and economical stability. (Egypt is so rich country with human and natural resources) and it will be more powerful when it is aligned with the Turkish wing.

3) The change of the economical, social, political world map no doubt is coming and no one can stop it (because it is the will of ALLAH ) and the western powers are trying hard to postpone it as much as they could.!

4) To build up modern, leading, powerful nation, Egypt should learn from other modern strong ans successful nations like Malaysia, Turkey, Finland, Japan, Singapore, and Korea. (this is called BENCH-MARKING)

5) Building modern Egypt Political, Social, and Economical system should avoid the repetition of mistakes and some unsuccessful experiments of religion-based systems like Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Israel. (this is called Failure mode and effects analysis)

Now I will answer the above mentioned question.

1. To build the Modern Egypt Road Map (National Strategic Plan) the future president should do what we call it environment analysis that include: SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis, PETS (Political, Economic, Technology, Society) Analysis, Bench-marking and do use some other future studies techniques (e.g. Delphi method, scenario method, futures Wheel, etc.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futures_studies)

2. The National Strategic Plan will include: Egypt Vision, Mission, Values and Priorities, Objectives, Actions, Projects, and Performance Indicators)

3. The Actions and Projects will be at all dimensions: Political, Economical, Social, and culture.

4. There should 4 important priorities: The Elimination of Poverty, The Elimination of Ignorance, The Elimination of differences and discrimination (القضاء علي الخلاف وإرساء مبادئ العدالة الإجتماعية(

5. Every ministry, local government, governmental organization, will also establish their own Strategic plan on the light of the National Strategic Plan after doing their own environment analysis studies and the ministry or organization Vision, Mission, Values and Priorities, Objectives, Actions, Projects, and Performance Indicators

6. The national budget priorities should be focused on: (1) Education reformation, (2) Healthcare reformation, (4) Transportation and Infrastructure Reformation (including Housing), (5) Agriculture and Industry Policies Reformation (6) Investment, and (7) Energy sector Reformation(8) Defense Policies reformation!.

7. Each of the above mentioned items needs a lot of details at the conceptual and actions levels and need a lot of discussions and hard work from experts to come up with A NATIONAL PROJECT that will be announced, shared, trusted, clearly understood, believed in, and committed by everyone of the Nation Leaders and thePUBLIC.

Dr. Nader Nada
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